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Sales and Rentals

Our access to properties on the market is facilitated by an effective inter Agency co-broking system. CRE Properties is an active co-broking Agent and, as listing Agents, we focus intensively on each property listed directly with us, giving each home equal advertizing coverage and exposure. Our focused and personal approach has proven to be a successful one.

Property Management

We take pride in our longstanding reputation as leading property managers. Taking a painstaking approach to detail, we ensure that the properties under our management are maintained to a very high standard.

Included in our management services is the hiring of housekeepers, gardeners and various tradespersons required to carry out diverse projects. Absentee property owners rely upon us to keep their large properties ‘up and running’ year round to include the payment of all local bills and taxes and much more. Our management responsibilities are aided by our employment of a full time handyman so that time is never an issue when waiting for repairs large or small.

Vacation Rentals

Many homes managed by us year round are included in our vacation rental portfolio. We extend concierge services to guests at these properties under management, which includes the hiring of chefs to assist with menu planning, food shopping, preparation of breakfast, lunch and dinner; we organize cycle rentals and groceries and facilitate temporary golf and social memberships at Clubs and arrange for reliable drivers to ensure that guests travel the island as safely and as efficiently as possible.

We are looking for more large homes to add to our portfolio, particularly in the Eastern parishes. Demand every year is over and above our inventory.

Project Management

We have extensive experience in the local construction industry, having completed substantial building projects for ourselves and for our Clients. We recommend architects, engineers and contractors and often act as Project Managers and General Contractors on various building projects from start to completion. We navigate planning issues and advise on matters in connection with property issues such as right of way discrepancies and boundary issues; if legal consultation is required we make recommendations in this regard. Due to our extensive experience clients consult with us for direction prior to obtaining legal advice, which in some cases is not required.

We are Property Managers for a 12 unit, well maintained condominium development; we prepare and present financial statements each year for the AGM. We would like to hear from condominium developments looking for new management services.

Property Insurance

We act as sub Agents for property insurers on the island and will obtain estimates on insurance for your new home. In addition, we submit and manage insurance claims from start to finish when such events as hurricane damage and other incidents arise. We have been tasked with hiring contractors and overseeing rebuilds many times over the years, post hurricane, for absentee owners. After Hurricane Fabian we handled the largest residential claim on the island for our Client who resides overseas.

We’d be most pleased to hear from you to discuss your property requirements or to list your home for rent or for sale with us.