C.R.E. Properties Ltd. was established by Norman Collier in the 1960s as a sole proprietorship which later became Shirley Collier Real Estate. The Agency was acquired in 1992 by Beverly Sgobba who incorporated under the name of CRE Properties Ltd. In 1996 Donato Sgobba joined the Agency in order to assist with the day to day management of the very active business. The Agency is currently owner managed by Beverly and Donato Sgobba who are assisted by support staff.

C.R.E. Properties Ltd. has been widely recognized over many years for our exclusive rental portfolio of holiday homes and for our attention to detail concerning matters in connection with property sales, rentals and management extending to homes of all sizes and market values. We pride ourselves in providing unrivalled personal attention and advice to one client at a time, thereby focusing on each and every transaction which is ultimately beneficial to all parties in a transaction. Our far reaching network is based upon well developed relationships which has been the essence of our success and longevity in the Bermuda marketplace.